Mr. Yoshida’s Original Gourmet Sweet Teriyaki

Mr. Yoshida’s Sweet Teriyaki Marinade & Cooking Sauce is a versatile sauce that’s ready to use, so you can make a delicious meal with less work. Made with soy sauce, this marinade contains a blend of flavors to create a classic sweet teriyaki taste. This teriyaki sauce is great for beef, pork, chicken, fish or mixed vegetables.

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Product Description

Use it on baked fish, grilled salmon, grilled steak or grilled chicken, or get creative with teriyaki chicken wings, teriyaki salmon or teriyaki shrimp. The 17 fluid ounce resealable bottle of Mr. Yoshida’s Sweet Teriyaki Marinade & Cooking Sauce makes it easy to pour a little or a lot of this sauce for the perfect amount of flavor in a Japanese style dinner the whole family will enjoy.

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