Everyday Essentials AB Trainer Abdominal Machine

Everyday Essentials AB Trainer Abdominal Machine Exercise Crunch Roller Workout Exerciser
Overview: This easy-to-use Ab Exerciser is the ultimate tool to tone and sculpt your core muscles. Helps you selectively train your abdominal muscles, while stimulating your metabolism and activating fat burning.
Ab machines usually are designed for working the core muscles.The Ab Trainer is different. While its target area is the core, you still depend on natural motion and movement to get an advantage.
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Product Description

Your back is optimally protected through the gentle movement, therefore the fitness trainer is supremely suitable for everyone. The ab trainer offers various training options – you can thus fully train upper, lower, and side abdominal muscles. Sturdy, ergonomic design will help eliminate back and neck strain often associated with crunches.
Dimension: 20in x 21in x 22in (L x W x H)
Weight: 5 Pounds
– Light weight
– Ergonomic design
– Easy to assemble
– 2-year warranty



Everyday Essentials

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